Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tom Morrow

Tom Innoventions

Date: 5/2005
Location: Innoventions, Fantasyland, Disneyland
Comments: Tom Morrow is the witty host of the Innoventions attraction, which features the technology of tomorrow. The two story building housing Innoventions originally served as the Carousel Theater, the home to America Sings, which opened on June 29, 1974. Sam the Eagle served as host an MC of the musical tribute to American song. When the attraction closed in 1988, many of the animatronic characters were reassigned to duty in the Splash Mountain attraction in Critter Country. The building sat idle for ten years, until the Innoventions attraction opened on July 3, 1998.

Building Speed: 6" per second/17 minutes for full rotation
Ride System: Moving building with interactive exhibits


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Keep up the great work!!!


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